Email notifications block the server connection

Email notifications block the server connection

Post by DamianLewi » Sat, 10 Jan 2009 01:54:46

A constant frustration for me with my large clients is that CPS does not work
properly with email notifications switched on.

 When sending a draft for review in Contribute, it hangs on "Sending Draft for
Review" for c. 1 min and then returns a message saying that the CPS is no
longer available.  However, clicking the Connect button takes the user back
into the site and the email notification does get sent by CPS.

 Switching off email notifications in CPS admin stops the Contribute connection
from being dropped.

 I would like to know if this is a bug or if there is undocumented
configuration settings that have to be made.

 I have seen many other people complain about this and yet there is scant
documentation about CPS notifications and no-one at Adobe (or Macromedia
before) appears to have addressed it.

 As I say, some large clients are using this on enterprise-level projects and I
will be advising them to move away from Contribute if this issue is not
addressed soon.



Email notifications block the server connection

Post by m gupt » Tue, 13 Jan 2009 22:02:33

Please refer this thread in case you are using CS3.



1. email notifications off the server

Is the SiteSpring server configed to use a SMTP server (Outgoing Mail) that
has access to the world wide web? Normally SiteSpring would just send the
e-mail to your SMTP server and that would allow you to recieve your e-mail
if the e-mail address the e-mail was sent to has a POP (The server than
handles your e-mails) that can be accessed from the internet.

I hope this helps,

Kyle Polulak
IT Manager/Programmer
web2u pty ltd

notifications are going to the one user who is on the network where the SS
server is located, but the rest of us, who will be accessing SS only by web,
are not getting them.  Any ideas why?  All notifications are activated in
remote server, where most users are accessing it via web.  Anybody out

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