edit homepage with Contribute 3

edit homepage with Contribute 3

Post by brie » Sun, 07 Sep 2008 00:54:13

Is it possible in Contribute 3 to edit a homepage as a publisher without giving
access to other files or to specify
 specific files to edit ?

 For example: client is only allowed to change the index.html and the folder
images and nothing else.
 How do I manage that in Contribute 3 ?


1. forbidden access to edit homepage to website

i am trying to set up a new connection to a new website.  i have been able to
connect to the site but when i go to edit the home page i get an error telling
me that i cant edit the home page because... you cant edit this page because it
wasnt found on the website or it is a directory listing. forbidden. you dont
have permisson to access / on this server. apache/1.3.33. server at
alisonconklin.com port 80Text  Has anyone had this problem?  Can anyone help me
work it out so i can set up my home page?

 thanks so much!:confused;

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