A3 on HP XL300

A3 on HP XL300

Post by Colin Simps » Thu, 03 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I am trying to get an HP XL300 desk jet printer to print on A3 sheets
using Postscript (we have a Postscript card for it). When we try to
send it an A3 Postscript file (which prints fine on an HP design jet
in A3) it just prints it on the A3 sheet as if it was an A4 sheet ie
in a corner of the A3 sheet.

We are just sending these Postscript files with no filtering from a
selection of UNIX workstations ie SUN's, HP's and IBM's.

I know that in PCL there is an escape sequence you can send to the
printer to force it to realise that there is an A3 sheet in it. Is
there a similar thing for Postscript on this machine ? I have tried
the same PCL escape sequence on Postscript but needless to say it does
not work.

Does this printer only support A4 Postscript files ?

E-mail answers would be appreciated.
Thanks in Advance