Determining the supplmentary groups of a given proces...

Determining the supplmentary groups of a given proces...

Post by Jason V. Robertso » Thu, 29 Aug 2002 14:33:40


        [ HP-UX 11.00 ]
I've been searching high and low for a way to do this.  Basically, as root,
I need to be able to determine the supplementary groups in a given process by
pid.  I think I know a horrible, horrible way to do it involving kmem, q4,
the 'struct proc' structure, and a whole lot of hacks - _maybe_.  But before
I go down that road, I'm wondering if there's some 'duh' way to do this.

Now, my real problem is I want to reliably track a process spawned from a
parent that I own.  Even if a child fork->fork->exec->setpgrp()'s and thereby
effectively detaches itself from parent ownership, I want to know about it.
So I figured I'd try the AFS 'setpag' trick, and add supplementary groups to
the process when I create it.  All this code is in user space.

Any suggestions much appreciated.  I don't think the pstat_* calls will give
supplementary group info, right?


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