Help: local news server

Help: local news server

Post by Rich Baldi » Wed, 03 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I am requesting some help with the following:

I have a non-internetted HP/UX 9000 and want to run a local news on it
with tin and trn (for starters) news readers.  I got the sources for
tin, trn and inn from the HP FTP site.  I have tin compiled and have some
local newsgroups constructed, but when I try to post
I get "Server Not Responding".
Can anyone tell me what I have to do to get it to work?
I assume that the problem lies somewhere in the /usr/lib/news directory -
If anyone is running a strictly local news ... please help me out.


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1. NEED local usenet-like news server.

 I am looking for an application which will provide a wan
 with a usenet-like news service. This would be a company wide
 application with no ties to usenet. But news groups could be
 set up and articles posted and replied to in the same way.

 Our company has set up distribution lists on our mail server,
 but many people are overwhelmed with mail. With a news server
 anyone could dial in, fire up something like nn or rn, and only
 read the articles they are interested in.

 I have thought about trying to create an isolated use-net
 news server, and just set up our company groups on it, and
 then use the real nn and rn. But if anyone knows of a scaled
 down version which will be easier to install and serve the
 same function, please send me e-mail.


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