X11R6 on HP-UX 9.10 (HP9000 300/400 series)

X11R6 on HP-UX 9.10 (HP9000 300/400 series)

Post by a.. » Tue, 02 Mar 1999 04:00:00

To all,

Is there anybody who has a good site.def file for me to get this baby
Which BOOTSTRAPCFLAGS should I use?
Are there any changes needed in the hp.cf file to get this running
on a 425t?

Please mail me.



X11R6 on HP-UX 9.10 (HP9000 300/400 series)

Post by Mason » Fri, 05 Mar 1999 04:00:00

>Is there anybody who has a good site.def file for me to get this baby
>Are there any changes needed in the hp.cf file to get this running
>on a 425t?

Don't know about HP9.10 (hp9000-300/400).

I've HP10.20 (hp9000-816) and I made the following changes.
I used gcc and installed ycc and flex; the latter two were missing
in my box.

1. change in x11r6.4/xc/config/cf/hp.cf
DIFF hp.cf.orig hp.cf
--- hp.cf.orig  Thu Feb 25 16:27:46 1999
+++ hp.cf       Thu Feb 25 16:01:45 1999
-# define CcCmd                 /opt/ansic/bin/cc
+# define CcCmd                 /opt/gcc/bin/gcc
-# define YaccCmd               /opt/langtools/bin/yacc
+# define YaccCmd               /usr/local/bin/yacc
-# define LexCmd                        /opt/langtools/bin/lex
+# define LexCmd                        /usr/local/bin/flex
-#  define OptimizedCDebugFlags         +O1
+#  define OptimizedCDebugFlags         -O
-#  define DefaultCCOptions             -Ae +ESlit
+#  define DefaultCCOptions
-#  define SharedLibraryCCOptions       -Ae
+#  define SharedLibraryCCOptions       -shared
-# define CppCmd                        /opt/langtools/lbin/cpp
+# define CppCmd                        /usr/ccs/lbin/cpp

2. change in x11r6.4/xc/config/cf/hpLib.rules
DIFF hpLib.rules.orig hpLib.rules
--- hpLib.rules.orig    Thu Feb 25 16:27:47 1999
+++ hpLib.rules Thu Feb 25 15:42:25 1999
-# define PositionIndependentCFlags +z
+# define PositionIndependentCFlags -fpic

Just modify to suit your own system.


1. X11R5 server crash with ddd (hp-ux 9.10, 300/400 series)

To all,

After a long and painful compilation of gcc-2.7.2, binutils-2.5.2,
libg++-2.7 I succeeded to compile ddd (Data Display Debugger see:
<http://www.cs.tu-bs.de/softech/ddd>) I did have a lot of problems
linking this baby but that was due to HP secondary symbols and

Now I have a nice executable of 9.8 Mb but this program crashes my
X server. I've installed the latest patch (February 1995 patch for
the X server) but that didn't help either. I'm now looking for clues
on how to find where the problems exactly is. This is a list of
things I already did:

1) Attach a debugger to the X server: the stack trace told me that it
crashed in _catsPolyText8 (or something related). This means that a
XDrawString() or a XDrawText() is being called (I presume...) When I look
at the text that is being displayed in one of the widgets: It looks
like garbage. The very big disadvantage is that this _cats... code is
probably HP's own code. (Any one wants to donate the source???)

2) Try to isolate the event that is sent to the X server but I need more
clues on how to isolate this event that is causing it. It may very well
also be a problem in the Motif layer, Xt or Xlib.

3) I did hardcode XSynchronize() in the code of ddd.

The version of X is X11R5 on my system.

I'm general looking for the following:

1) Is there some nice tool that allows me to see the events that are
being sent FROM the application TO the X server? (The other way around
is less complicated, I understood...)

2) Any other ideas?

With regards,

Avi Cohen Stuart

A. B. Cohen Stuart, M.Sc.    |Baron van Nagellstraat 89|Phone: +31 342 428229
Software Engineer            |P.O. Box 143             |Fax  : +31 342 428787

Baan Research & Development  |The Netherlands          |Home : +31 15 2141797


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