Novell Client32 losing data

Novell Client32 losing data

Post by Francois Desrocher » Fri, 28 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Hi all.

I am working for a software company with products running on HP3000 and
HP9000. One of our products uses the block-mode feature of HP terminals
(700/9x series). Block mode is more common on HP3000 but is available on the
9000 as well.

One of our customer is using WRQ's Reflection terminal emulator v5.21 to
connect to a K460 via telnet. They are using Windows 95. They use Novell
Client32 as the TCP/IP stack. The K460 is running with HP-UX 10.20.

For the last few months (probably since upgrading to 10.20), they have been
experiencing data loss with our product. It is a full-screen editor that
allows you to modify/create files using block-mode. The advantage is your
edits are done "offline" and are transmitted to the UX machine only after
you press a function key or the ENTER key (on the numeric keypad). At that
point, the whole screen (24 lines of 80 bytes or so) is transmitted.

On a regular basis, the 9000 does not receive all the lines. It might miss
one or two lines. The editor then just assumes the user has deleted them.

We have other customers with similar setups except for the TCP/IP stack.

My questions are:

1) does anyone know of problems using Client32 with UX 10.20? Any problems,
not just this one.
2) is there an easy for us to make sure that what leaves the PC actually
makes it to the UX machine? Local-Host tracing?
3) is there a way to see if there are network errors (incomplete packets) ?

Any hint or suggestions on this?

Francois Desrochers - Robelle Consulting Ltd.


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