Xterm Security Errata

Xterm Security Errata

Post by John Morr » Fri, 10 Dec 1993 06:30:46

Security Bulletin #00002 - errata
      HEWLETT-PACKARD SECURITY BULLETIN: #00002, 30 November 93
                                         REVISED 01 December 93

This bulletin has an error.  It refers several times to:

PHNE_3408 and PHNE_3409.

This should have been PHSS_3408 and PHSS_3409.


1. Install of 9.04 returns xterm security hole

I just now noticed (after about 1 month) that installing 9.04
returns the security hole in Xterm. If you have upgraded, and
on 700 systems it probably applies to 9.03. you should get
patch PHSS_4068 and install it as soon as possible.


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