TEAC SCSI Floppy Model FD-235HF

TEAC SCSI Floppy Model FD-235HF

Post by Tim_Rasmussen.Datal.. » Fri, 29 Jul 1994 11:30:01

I am trying to connect a TEAC SCSI floppy drive (3 1/2") to an HP 715
running HP-UX 9.01.  I am trying to use SAM to add the drive with the "Add
floppy disk drive" menu option.  When doing this I receive the following

"The disk at hardware path uses the driver "?".  This driver is
not one of the supported drivers.  SAM cannot determine if the disk is a
member of an SDS (software disk stripping) array.  SAM is assuming this disk
is not a member of an SDS array."

Has anyone connected a standard TEAC floppy drive, version 711 firmware, to
an HP 700 series?  I currently have all jumpers, except SCSI id, set the the
factory defaults.

Thanks for any help,

Tim Rasmussen


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I have 3 new Teac FD-235HS-911 scsi floppy drives that are suppose to
work on HP unix 735 workstations.  The workstation knows it is a 3.5"
scsi floppy, but I can't configure it to work.  I got an old 235HS-711
to work, but not a new one???
Any help would be greatly appreciated?????

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