ram for 715/33

ram for 715/33

Post by Usman Muzaffa » Tue, 29 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Hi -

Wondering if anyone had any suggestions for vendors and retailers
for RAM upgrade on a 715/33. System has 32 MB ram, looking to move
to at least 64. I found a Kingston 64 mb upgrade kit for $120 - that
seemed pretty high considering this system is selling for under fifty
bucks on ebay. Anyone have any good sources for RAM for these old
700 series systems?

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I'm new to HP-UX so i need to ask the experts.
I have an HP HVD SCSI board (HP 25525?)installed in the box, but don't
get it recognized
by the machine running HP-UX 10.2.
Actually there are no devices attached yet, but SAM lists only the
onboard SCSI.
tried to add some additional EISA stuff to the kernel to get it
but no success yet.
What tasks are needed to make EISA boards work?

Gereon Wenzel

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