Automount: problem with diskless clients

Automount: problem with diskless clients

Post by Thomas Mechlins » Fri, 07 Jan 1994 18:07:39

Hi there,
yesterday, I configured /usr/etc/automount on a 400t cluster server.
I have got it working on the server itself, but there is a problem
belonging to a diskless client (a 340) attached to this server.

On the client, when I try to change in a directory which is mounted
by the automounter, e. g. /usr/local, there appears this message:

Quote:> bash: local: Not a directory

The man page for automount says nothing about this problem. Can
anybody help me in this case?


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1. HPUX 10.20, Bootp server and diskless client problem

I have recently done a clean install on an HP 743i with HPUX 10.20.   I have
a diskless system that needs to load it's kernel from the HP.  When it
starts up, it automatically broadcasts the bootp request over the lan.  The
HPUX 10.20 system is supposed to receive this and send it the needed kernel

The problem is:  bootp is receiving no messages from this unit.  When doing
a netstat -r (or netstat -p ip), it reports there have been "xx packets with
illegal ip source addresses".

The MAC (physical address) of the HP is:   08:00:09:xx:xx:xx
                        (a typical HP physical addr)
The MAC of the diskless system is:              00:00:0b:50:04:10

My concern is, would the HP-UX 10.20 system be rejecting this packet just
the fact that it does not know the Vendor Manufacturer's number (first 3
octets)?  Or it could very well be that I haven't setup something up yet, so
the HPUX 10.20 system accepts only certain packets from known source addr's.

I've taken this diskless system to a different net and succeeded in
transfering the kernel using an HP-UX 9.05 OS and a HP743i machine.

Thank you in advance.......

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