Adding 2nd LAN Card

Adding 2nd LAN Card

Post by Mike Brookov » Thu, 02 Dec 1993 22:52:55

I am in the process of adding an E/ISA LAN card to my HP 9000 series 700
workstation cluster.  The built-in LAN is being used to connect the
cluster--using coaxial cable.  The machines all worked without any trouble
until I attempted to activate the E/ISA card.  Now, you can log in to all the
machines, do file manipulation (i.e. copy, move, transfer from machine to
machine), print using GatorPrint.  I cannot telnet or rlogin from machine to
machine.  Ping gives a 100% packet loss.  I can log in from the outside world
using the E/ISA card.

How can I get all of my capability back?  The built-in LAN still has the same
IP address that it had before I added the new card.  The new card has a new IP
address.  They both have the same first two octets (  I have
been told that this is one of my problems...can someone explain.  I also am
confused about subnetwork masks.  I may or may not have to use this.

I would appreciate any help I can get...I'll check  comp.sys.hp.hpux




Adding 2nd LAN Card

Post by Rick Jon » Fri, 03 Dec 1993 11:45:39

In a supported configuration, all interfaces added to an HP-UX system
must be in separate (sub)networks. I believe that the original
poster's network was class-B (, so s/he would have to
either assign a different network number, or subnet hir existing class
B network in some manner with subnet masks.

rick jones


1. How to you address the 2nd LAN card?

Last sunday, our HP-UX 11. V-class box was still known as leo-133  leo (on lan0, 10Mbit ethernet. Leo is an alias)

it also has a 2nd lan card which has not been assigned an address.

On monday night, the following happened:
1. DNS change: leo     (new entry, 100Mbit ethernet)
                            leo-133  (same as before, except
alias of
   this change happened on the DNS servers only.
2. hostname(1) on the machine, changed to 'leo'
3. lan2 configured as IP with a different netmask.
They probably ran ifconfig lan2 and route(1m). I notice that
/etc/rc.config.d/netconf has the new values of

SUBNET_MASK[2]= (different from the other one)

Now remsh/rlogin and a whole bunch of stuff don't work.
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Local flow control off
Connection closed by foreign host.

I notice that telnet(1),rlogin(1),socket(2) don't have an option to
"I want to use the 100Mb card".

1. I observe (at the other end) that it uses by default lan0. Correct
2. How do I, from that machine leo, either programmatically or on the
line use that card associated with lan2? Do I need to swap card slots
(the 100Mb
to sit at the lan0 slot)?
3. to use lan2, do I need DLPI for that? any regular system call?

thanks in advance
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