Change background colors in postscript

Change background colors in postscript

Post by Claes Aronsso » Fri, 27 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Hello !

I make screen dumps, converts these to postscript and print them.

The screen background is black. I would in some stage change this to
white or transparent.
How should I make this in a script? It is ok to change all black to
white in the picture.

I would appreciate some help!

Claes Aronsson


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1. Vue colour backgrounds & colour allocation

About a month ago there was some talk about getting colour backgrounds
through the Vue style manager. I have just found the way to do it.
You must have XV_3.10a and save the image ( is use an 8 bit bmp as I don't
have the jpeg or tiff libraries) as an XPM format with reduced colour.
From what I recall people had tried this with no success. The solution is
to make sure that before you save the background convert the colourmap
being used from normal to standard. This way the image uses the standard X
colourmap. I have 256 colour that are 1280 x 1024 on a 712/80 using 9.03.
They look great and they don't steal all the colours like you would expect.

As a tip to people with colour allocation problems get a hold of the Xcmap
executable that comes with the XV archive. It allows you see exactly what
colours are allocated when you login and what programs have what effect.
We had huge problems at work with our CAD/CAM systems and by using this to
tweak the system it works great.

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