xpr source with Paintjet/Deskjet color support

xpr source with Paintjet/Deskjet color support

Post by System Application Eng I » Thu, 14 Oct 1993 23:04:44

We are currently using HP-UX 8,02 on an 817s.  We make use of
xpr to print dumps of screens and windows.  We would like to
use the same techniques on other systems like AIX, but have found
that most other vendor OS's do not include support for HP Paintjet
and Deskjet color printers in the xpr utility.

Does anyone know where source for an xpr program with the aforementioned
printer support can be obtained?  As a wild thought, would HP part with it
to support purchase and use of their printers on other non-HP systems?

Thanks in advance.
Response through e-mail is OK.

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1. XPR for colour laserjet?

I'm looking for a way of printing colour X pixmaps to our LaserJet 5m
with Postscript. We used to use xpr for our mono lasers but it won't do
colour postscript :-(

Is their a newer version fo xpr? I'm on 10.20 right now.

Any other utility for printing pixmaps from the command line would also
suffice. The images are being generated by xwd. I can print them using
Xv but it would be nicer for the users to automate the task. TIA.

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