HeLP hElP HElP *pleeeease*

HeLP hElP HElP *pleeeease*

Post by Andrea Buz » Sat, 29 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Hi, i hope u can (and wish) help me.
I have an Hp Workstation Series 700 (HP-UX psycho A.09.01 A 9000/720) and
three X-term.
Well, recently every graphics application ran on console crash workstation
and at reboot it display register's content of processor #3
(it says.. "Unexpected HPMC/TOC on Processor #3)
If i do same thing on X-term nothing happen.

Do U have an idea ?
*Pleease* help me... for this month i can't call assistence...


ps: i'll offer a big beer at anyone who suggest something of useful...
    (sorry for english... it's very bad, i know)
                                                                   (o o)
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