Can g++ produce OO object code compatible with HP-UX OO object libraries?

Can g++ produce OO object code compatible with HP-UX OO object libraries?

Post by Keith Hanl » Thu, 03 Oct 1996 04:00:00

We have bought Ilog Views for GUI development.  We are using g++
2.7.2 for our project.  Ilog Views (Ilv) produces c++ code which
compiles just fine using g++ but it fails to link.  We get
undefined Ilv symbols even though they are defined in the
libraries shipped which the product.

I'm guessing that g++ mangles OO symbols differently than the HP
c++ compiler used by Ilog to produce their libraries.  Is there a
way for me to build g++ so that it mangles symbols in a compatible
fashion?  If so, will it still be possible to use gdb?

Are there any other approaches? Can I post-process my object code to
make it compatible with the ilog libraries?

Thanks for your help,


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