Problems with Lexmark printer and JetDirect EX printer server

Problems with Lexmark printer and JetDirect EX printer server

Post by Norbert Bend » Sun, 10 Sep 2000 00:40:06


I was trying to install a Lexmark Optra Color 45 printer on a JetDirect
EX (plus?) print server. I am using a B180L workstation under HP-UX

There were several problems during installation and afterwards when I
tried to use the newly installed printer. I have another spooler
installed for direct connection of the Lexmark printer and that one
works fine.

I can't remember what the exact problem during the installation was
(it's a while back), but there was something wrong with the hardware
address (or whatever it is called - NOT the IP address!) of the
JetDirect box. The installation script didn't accept the address given
by the JetDirect server on its test page. However, the installation was
completed anyway. The printer model I use is the same that was delivered
with the workstation for the Lexmark (the workstation and printer are
part of a measuring system and the interface script was programmed by
the vendor of that system, but was not specifically designed for network

Printing basically works, but it happens quite often that the connection
to the printer can not be established. Then the spooler (or whatever)
hangs and only a complete reset of the JetDirect server allows me to
print again.

Btw., printing to the Lexmark from a Wintel PC works fine, so there's
nothing wrong with the print server or the printer. I guess there's
something like a timeout or a reset command, which the interface script
fails to send, since it wasn't designed for the JetDirect server.

Who can help me with this?



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