Y2K and HP9000 300/400 series.

Y2K and HP9000 300/400 series.

Post by Avi Cohen Stua » Sat, 19 Apr 1997 04:00:00

To all,

I'm wondering what the impact is for the 300/400 series in regard to
the Y2K problem. Since the 300/400 is no longer supported (except for
9.10) by HP and 10.x is not an option, I like to know if someone
has a list of the problems that might start at 1 januari of 2000.

I noticed that a program like touch does something like this:

                     If neither CC nor YY is given, the current year is
                     assumed.  If YY is specified, but CC is not, CC is
                     derived as follows:

                          If YY is:   CC becomes:
                            69-99         19
                            00-68         20

Any way, what problems I am suppose to expect and probably which
programs and/or libraries I have to inspect of GNU-ify or something.

Since I don't believe that HP will release the sources of HP-UX 9.10
I'd like to know what I have to expect. I can start to dissable the
kernel then :-)

Avi Cohen Stuart.

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