Help with LAN card

Help with LAN card

Post by Jon J Gilch » Sun, 26 Jun 1994 23:32:22

I'm woking on a HP9000/720 using HPUX9.0.1

The trouble I'm having is with setting up the lan card for use
with pcnfsd.

The system was working under HPUX8.0.7 when we bought it and have since
upgraded to 9.0.1.

lanscan says hardware state is DOWN.
landiag, reset interface for self test says unable to reset lan interface
    errno = 6
ifconfig says no such interface.
netstat -i  says lan0* none

/etc/conf/dfile has an entry for lan01

SAM is unable to configure the card either.

Like I said, the system was working under 8.0.7 with the network when
bought, we upgraded to 9.0.1 and haven't needed the lan stuff - till now!

The kernel has all the lan9000 stuff in it and the only thing done to
the card physically was to move the jumper to configure thin (BNC)
connector instead of thick wire.

PLEASE don't tell me it's a hardware failure as (obviously) there is no
money in the budget for repair - no service contract as it's used equipt!

Thanks in advance; Jon Gilcher


1. Help about lan card

Yes, It's a jumper.

HP Apollo 9000 Series 400 Installation guide describes it.

Step 1 is Opening up the System Unit

2 Changing the 802.3 Network Jumper Setting

To change the 802.3 Network from the factory-shipped default
setting for the internal Transceiver to the External Transceiver
setting, change the jumper on the CPU board as shown in the
illustration. Use an extractor tool to change the jumpers. Replace the
processor board and outside panel as described in Step 1.

3 Connecting to the 802.3 Network (Ethernet)

You can connect to the 802.3 network by using either the external
transceiver (LAN AUI) or the internal transceiver (thin LAN).

To use the external transceiver, you must have aleady performed Steps 1
and 2. Connect LAN AUI cable as shown.


I can't show you the illustration but when you open the
HP Apollo 9000 Series 400, the jumper is very near the AUI port.
Jumpers have two positions :

  - Internal (Default) Tansceiver Select --- Thin LAN
  - External Tranceiver Select          --- AUI  LAN

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