SIGWINCH and Color Curses

SIGWINCH and Color Curses

Post by T.E.Dicke » Sun, 06 Dec 1998 04:00:00

> I have 2 versions of a curses application.  One is compiled using normal
> curses under HPUX 9.04 .  The other is compiled using Color Curses ( -I
> /usr/include/curses_colr ).  I found I had to use Color curses just to get
> display output to work without applying PHCO_10947 to my HPUX 10.20 system.
> I'm finding that the first version of my code does respond to SIGWINCH
> signals and properly resize the screen after I hit enter on HPUX 10.20 with
> PHCO_10947 applied.  THe 2nd version does not appear to respond to it at all.
>  Is there some conflict between using COlor curses and responding to SIGWINCH
> signals ?

ncurses does both (color and sigwinch - a configuration option).

The current version of ncurses is 4.2
There's an faq at

(I never did see sigwinch working on HPUX 9.04 curses though I saw it in the
man-pages -- it always dumped core)

Thomas E.*ey


1. Curses to Curses-color, what changed?

I have prepared our application to migrate to curses-color, the future
of curses on the HP system.  the work is done.  Very little was
necessary in changing.  I installed the latest patches PCHO_9295, 10344,
and 10451  which made a huge difference.  I am just about to the point
of releasing the work.  However, I am worried about something slipping
through the cracks.

The problem is I can find NO docu or literature from HP on the 2% of the
functions that changed.  The release notes says the API for about 2% of
the funtions changed between the old HP curses and the new curses-color.
Not knowing which functions changed, it makes it hard to id where I need
to fix.  I am afraid that testing the application and all its features
is too large a job and too time consuming... plus its easy to miss
something this way.

Can anyone tell me or lead me to info on the functions changed (besides
the 4 new ones currently added)? You have no idea how much I would
appreciate some guidance on this issue.  HP themselves have admittedly
been of no help.  The NRC is appologetic, but helpless none the less.  I
have contacts at the HP Software Provider Program, but seem to get no
help there either.

Help me out, gang!  Thanx :-)

 William Blair Wagner : "Education is not always knowing the answer, :

 Triad Systems Corp.  
         UltimatePlus Software Engineer

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