Linux NFS Server and HP-UX Client performance problem

Linux NFS Server and HP-UX Client performance problem

Post by Alf » Fri, 09 May 2003 21:12:54


I have a performance problem with an Linux (SuSE8.0) NFS server and a HP-UX
10.20 client. If I try to copy 100 small files (200 Bytes each) from the
HP-UX client disc to the Linux NFS server, this takes 25 seconds for the
copy and 23 seconds for a rm command. With an HP-UX NFS server and HP-UX
client it takes 3.5 seconds. I now about the NFS problem with small files,
but is there a way to tune the HP-UX/Linux connection to HP-UX/HP-UX speed ?
(or faster)

thanks and regards


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Sorry for crossposting. We have a NFS server for user account.
The server runs on HP-UX 11.00 and the quota is set up correctly (rpc.quotad
enabled in /etc/inetd.conf) on that server. I can get quota -v <user> on
Solaris and HP-UX clients.

Now I am setting up RedHat 7.1 Linux workstations with NFS mounted
home directories.

First problem: The Linux automounter does not support
multipath maps like HP-UX and Solaris do: Example of /etc/auto.home

  nds     nfs-server:/home/&
  pers    nfs-server:/home/&

  stud    /b      nfs-server:/home/&/b \
          /e      nfs-server:/home/&/e \
          /i      nfs-server:/home/&/i \
          /l      nfs-server:/home/&/l \
          /m      nfs-server:/home/&/m \
          /s      nfs-server:/home/&/s \
          /r      nfs-server:/home/&/r

Only the first two path maps do work for /home/pers/<user> and
/home/nds/<user>. But the other maps for /home/stud/<department>/<class>/<user>
do not work with Linux automounter. However, I added the mountpoints
statically in /etc/fstab:

nfs-pers-128:/home/pers         /home/pers      nfs     defaults        0 0
nfs-misc-128:/home/nds          /home/nds       nfs     defaults        0 0
nfs-stud-128:/home/stud/b       /home/stud/b    nfs     defaults        0 0
nfs-stud-128:/home/stud/e       /home/stud/e    nfs     defaults        0 0
nfs-stud-128:/home/stud/i       /home/stud/i    nfs     defaults        0 0
nfs-stud-128:/home/stud/l       /home/stud/l    nfs     defaults        0 0
nfs-stud-128:/home/stud/m       /home/stud/m    nfs     defaults        0 0
nfs-stud-128:/home/stud/s       /home/stud/s    nfs     defaults        0 0
nfs-stud-128:/home/stud/r       /home/stud/r    nfs     defaults        0 0
scratch:/scratch/tmp            /scratch        nfs     defaults        0 0

Second problem: The quota -v <user> on the Linux NFS client does not show
the user quota.

What am I missing?

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