Problem telneting to HPUX v B.10.01

Problem telneting to HPUX v B.10.01

Post by Dave Frascon » Sat, 18 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I am having strange problems telneting into a HP9000 from a box running
AT&T SVR3.2.

When I telnet in, I have to hit a key before I get the login prompt.
Also, it seems that some other key is sitting in the buffer.  (If I just
start typing the login name, it doesn't work.)

If I telnet to port 25, everything looks fine (I get the prompt before I
hit a key), but when I type a command, it is invalid (as if some other
key was in the buffer).  If I re-type the command, everything works

Has anyone seen anything like this before?  

Please reply by e-mail.  I don't check these groups too often.

Thanks in advance,



1. IP (telnet) logging in problems under 10.01

        Thanks to a very helpful person on this list, I have been able
to update my system to 10.01 Almost everything is working normal,
except printing but I'll save that for later.

        I had all network operations working, telnet, ftp, etc...
I left on Friday, came in on Sunday, and now you can no longer
Telnet or rlogin into the system.  You can connect out, you can
run the Xserver, and the webserver.  As far as I could tell, all
setups are the same as they were a few days ago when everything
was working.  I can't remember all that I've checked, but I looked
at networking under SAM and telnet access was set to allowable.
Any hints/ideas of what/where I should look to figure this.
This is for a 715/33 under hpux10.01
Thanks, from a troubled hpux user.


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