HP-UX device driver developer needed!

HP-UX device driver developer needed!

Post by Ric Calvill » Fri, 24 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Senior Unix device driver developer, with experience in Unix internals
and i/o device drivers. Minimum 5 years Unix kernel development
experience required.  Projects include ports of Conley's current storage
management product across Unix platforms and development of new
products. Conley on-line storage management software, currently
available on Solaris, IBM AIX and Windows NT, includes a server-resident
device driver and network GUI utility for management and control.


1. need HP-UX documentation on writing device drivers

I need to port a SCSI target driver from Solaris to HP-UX,
but I'm starting _completely_ from scratch as far as familiarity
with HP-UX internals and writing device drivers are concerned.
(On the other hand, how different can it be from Solaris and AIX?)

Is there documentation for this available from HP (like Sun's Solaris DDK
and "Writing Device Drivers" documentation), or a HP web site devoted to
device drivers similar to what Sun provides?  Trying to search on
HP's web site gives me lots of pointers to Win95 device drivers for
their ink-jet printers, but little else.

Any clues/pointers would be much appreciated!

Steve Dyer

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