HP 9.05 Recommended Patches ??

HP 9.05 Recommended Patches ??

Post by Al Dyk » Wed, 03 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I'm new to HPUX and am about to install a new HPUX 9.05 (715/80)
system.  I'd like to know if there are any "must-have" patches.  I've
already been told to get patches for nsswitch.conf.  

The machine will be used to develop C client and server applications
with Sybase SQL server.  It will also be running NIS client, DNS
client as well as X client so the developers can work on the system
from their desks.  That's about it.

It will run NFS client and server in a network with Sun 4.1.3, Solaris
2.3 and AIX 3.2.5 systems.  The machine has 2 ethernet adapters.  I
plan to build a NFS backbone on a seperate ethernet segment.



1. Recommended patches for HP/UX 9.05

Hi !

Well, the subject says it all. I'll update some hp9000/700 systems from
hp/ux 9.01 to hp/ux 9.05 (Rev A.09.05 as it's printed on the DDS tapes).
We're running tcp/ip with nis (formerly yellow pages), the systems have
32mb memory, 2 scsi disks, and 64mb swap configured.

What are the recommended (or 'must have') patches for this hp/ux release ?

Thanks !


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