Is there a replacement for the HP cpp?

Is there a replacement for the HP cpp?

Post by Richard Jon » Wed, 02 Mar 1994 09:11:49

   I'm looking for a replacement for the HP C preprocessor.  If anyone's
compiled GCC (and its got its own cpp) then I'd even look into that, but
I'd rather just stick to the cpp part.



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I wont to buy a Server/Workstation to install and play with HP-UX 11i
and Oracle 9i. (I am working on my certification.)

I don't found some userfull informations about the following questions
on the HP homepage:

* Which Computer with which CPU is enough and the cheapest?
* Is it cheaper to buy a Server or a Workstation?
* Is it cheaper/better to buy a more processor computer which has
slower/older CPUs or to buy a newer single CPU computer?
* Which CPU/Server/Workstation has the same power then  which Intel
CPU? I don't know which CPU is old and which not.


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