Deskjet 500C printer model for HP-UX

Deskjet 500C printer model for HP-UX

Post by Hugh Conn » Tue, 09 Nov 1993 22:07:49

I am trying to connect an HP DeskJet 500C printer to a 700 series workstation
running HP-UX 8.07. When I look at the printer models in /usr/spool/lp/model
I find that the deskjet model does not support colour. The only colour printer
there is Paintjet which uses PCL level 4 while the manual for the Deskjet says
it uses PCL level 3. As an experiment I tried it out using the paintjet model
but while I managed to get an output of a screen dump the colours were wrong.

Is there a correct printer model available for the 500C? I had a look under
HP-UX 9.01 but it seems to be the same as 8.07 in that respect. Any help
greatly appreciated.

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