HP-UX 10.20 CDE: How to Add Printers to the Printer Subpanel?

HP-UX 10.20 CDE: How to Add Printers to the Printer Subpanel?

Post by Vic » Fri, 26 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I am running 10.20 on our systems and would like to know how to add
printers to the "printer subpanel" on the desktop. I tried the following
command but it did not work:

env LANG=C /usr/dt...

and then, did the "reload action" that is shown on page 108 of the "CDE
SysAdmin" manual. I did not have any luck with this. I know about the
"Print Manager" control on the subpanel...but that is not were I want the
printers to be shown. I want them visible immediately when a user selects
the "printer subpanel" so they can drag their file to a selected printer
and get it printed.

Any suggestions are appreciated...thanks.

Vic Sandoval
ECF UNIX Systrems Administrator
Engineering Department
Harvey Mudd College


1. HP-UX 10.20 CDE: How to Setup Printers on Subpanel

We are running HP-UX 10.20...on the desktop there is a "front panel" icon of a "printer". If you select the "subpanel" above this front panel control you see a "Print Manager" and "Default" icon controls. What we would like to do in this subpanel is to add printers to this subpanel (not using the Print Manager icon control). For example, I would like to add a printer called "bigred" to this subpanel so that when I select file to drop onto the "bigred control" it will print it out.

If you look at the /etc/dt/appconfig/types/C/dtwm.fp file...you see a structure for the Print Manager as shown below:

CONTROL PrintManager
  TYPE                  icon
  CONTAINER_NAME        PersPrintersSubpanel
  ICON                  FpPrtmg
  LABEL                 Print Manager
  PUSH_ACTION           DtPrintManager
  DROP_ACTION           DtPrint
  DROP_ANIMATION        PrinterDrop
  HELP_TOPIC            _hometopic
  HELP_VOLUME           Printmgr

I tyried using the information provided on page 108 of the "Advanced User's and System Administrator's Guide"....but this information is not what I want. I basically want to have the ability to "drag and drop" a file to a "printer" icon shown on the subpanel as a "control".

Vic Sandoval
UNIX Engineering Systems Administrator
Engineering Department
Harvey Mudd College

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