Anyone have SCSI floppy in HP 9000 735?

Anyone have SCSI floppy in HP 9000 735?

Post by Paul Abbot » Thu, 16 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I purchased a SCSI floppy drive that was specifically designed for the
HP 9000 735/125 (had the custom mounting brackets and matching bezel etc)
a few months ago and have never gotten it to work.  It could be simply
broken, but I suspect that it is not jumpered correctly.

When the drive first arrived, it was recognized by the system (showed up
on the scsi id list at boot) but I could not get it to work under HP-UX
properly.  So, I found the manufacturer's specs for the drive and jumpered
everything to their defaults.  Trouble is, their diagram differs slightly
from how the jumpers are labelled on the PCB so I have no idea if it is
100% correct. I tried jumpering the default settings using both the diagram
and the labels on the PCB with no luck.  Like an idiot, I did not write down
what the "out of the box" jumper settings were and now that I have the drive
set to the (supposed) defaults the drive does not even show up of the scsi
id list at boot.  In fact, if I have it plugged in the system's hard drive
does not show up as well and the system refuses to boot.

Does anyone out there have a TEAC FD-235HS floppy drive in their 735?  And
if so, would you be so kind as to tell me what the jumper settings are?  This
thing is driving me nuts!

Thanks in advance...

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