Trying to add lan card to K570

Trying to add lan card to K570

Post by Gavin Sco » Wed, 14 May 2003 03:24:20

We've added a J2146A 10MB 10-base-2 lan card to a K570 on 11.0 with the
goal of using it to talk to an old DTC-48 from an HP3000 system.

ioscan -f shows that the card has been grabbed by lanmux0, but it's my
impression that the driver for this card should be lan3:

 lanmux      0  10/16/4      lanmux0     CLAIMED   INTERFACE HP J2146A
 unknown    -1  10/16/4.1                UNCLAIMED UNKNOWN

And also I've got this goofy .1 appendage.  lanscan does not show this
interface.  We have a couple of 10/100 interfaces that are working fine.

I've tride nudging it in the right direction with ioscan -M but:

# ioscan -M lan3 -H 10/16/4
ioscan: libIO error from io_insert_node: Node already exists or parameter
error detected.

Since I don't see lanmux0 as actually being needed by anything, we tried
uninstalling it, but it sems to be joined at the hip to lan3 and something
called lantty0 which I can't even find in the kernel.

So I think there's something basic that I don't understand about what
lanmux0 is for.  I've googled around to no avail.

So, anyone able to point me in the right direction?  Or alternatively,
does anyone know if the HP-UX DTC support stuff will work out a 100Mb
interface if I switch the DTC-48 over to its AUI port and plug it into
a switch to get it on to the 100Mb network?




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