printing: from HP-UX to printer connected to other PC

printing: from HP-UX to printer connected to other PC

Post by Lim Keh-Boo » Wed, 06 Nov 1996 04:00:00


    My company has a HP server hosting a manufacturing system MANMAN/X.
The following
    is the detail of our company network.

    The LAN consists of one HP server, one Novell server, 20
PCs/Notebooks, 6 Wyse
    terminals, 1 repeater and server printers.

    Network         Ethernet 802.3; 10Base2; BNC connector

    HP Server       Model: HP 9000/E35;  OS: HP-UX 9.04;  Application:

    Novell Server   Model: 486 PC;   OS: Dos 6.22 + Novell 3.11

    PC              Model: 486 and above;  OS: Windows 95/3.11;  
                    TCP/IP application: LAN WorkPlace for Dos v4.2

    Printer         Model: Epson 1170/2170; HP DeskJet 660c/850c

    Repeater        Model: Longshine 4 port ethernet repeater


    I want to enable terminal users to sent their reports from HP server
to printer         connected to PC. Sometimes, PC users may also need to
print their reports printer       connected to other PCs.

    How to do it ?

Thanks for your spending your time reading my message. If you need more
detail or