Ghostscript support for DeskJet 660 and 850

Ghostscript support for DeskJet 660 and 850

Post by Julian Per » Sat, 09 Dec 1995 04:00:00

We want to buy a DeskJet 850C (or maybe a 660C) for
printing PostScript - the only way seems to be to use
GhostScript, which only seems to support the 500C.


  Is there a Ghostscript driver for the 850C?


  Do the new colour DeskJets support the 500C version
  of PCL and if so is all this new colour technology
  (REt and C-REt) automatic or does the driver software
  on the host (Unix, PC, Mac or whatever) need to support



1. CodePage 850 under HP-UX v10.x

Does anyone have any experience in using the IBM codepage 850 under HP-UX v10.x.

The background is we are using AIX v3.2.5 DB2/6000 clients all with codepage 850 and we created
a DB2 database under HP-UX and codepage 819 defaulted.  Data translation and display problems
resulted.  After a test db was created with codepage 850 and successfully used, we are creating
a full (27 Gb) DB2 database under HP-UX with codepage 850 and so the remote DB2 clients should
be OK, but the local client may stilll have a conflict being that it will be 819.  We are using
the locale En_US (850).

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