Sun 8mm tape drive and HP 715?

Sun 8mm tape drive and HP 715?

Post by Dariusz D » Sat, 17 Feb 1996 04:00:00


Are 8mm streamers supported on HP-UX 9.03?
Is it possible to make recovery system on the remote tape drive?
Could it be 8mm tape drive?

I'm planing an upgrade of HP 715 running HP-UX 9.03 to version 10.01
I'd like to backup files and create the recovery system before upgrading.
The problem is that I've no DDS tape drive or cartridge tape drive (it is
9 track 1/2" - am I rigth?). The only streamer device I have is Sun's 8mm
5GB streaming device connected to RS/6000 machine ( :-) ).

I've found that fbackup accepts only DDS and cartridge devices.
To make "standard" backup I can pipe backup data through the net to
8mm tape drive, but what about creating recovery system (for tha case the
upgrade fails) onto remote 8mm streamer? I expect it must be recognized
during boot process initiated from ROM.

Any ideas greatly appreciated. If possible write directly to me.

Dariusz Dej                                          Institute of Automatics
sys&net adm                                          UMM at Cracow, Poland


1. HP dump to Sun 8mm tape drive

I have a problem restoring files to an HP 9000/720. I use an 8mm tape drive on
a Sun workstation to backup the HP filesystems. When I tried to restore some files
this morning, I keep getting bad data format errors. The relevant commands &
messages are:

I use the following command on the HP to do the dump:

/etc/dump 0ubdsf 126 54000 13000 dumphost:/dev/nrst8 /

I used this command to try to restore data:

rrestore -ivf dumphost:/dev/rst8

The error message I get back is:

Verify volume and initialize maps
Media read error: Invalid argument

Using a slightly different restore command, I get the following:

restore -ivfb /dev/rst8 126
Verify volume and initialize maps
Read error while trying to set up volume
continue? [yn] y
Volume is not in dump format

Does anybody know why the dump/restore didn't work? Is there any way I can read
the data off the tape? Am I totally screwed?

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated,

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