Help getting X server started

Help getting X server started

Post by Bruce Frage » Wed, 03 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Last week we had a power fail and my HP9000/710 rebooted when power
returned. I believe, previously, it would come up into the VUE
logon screen, but now just cycles through a text window trying to
restart vue. Error message says it cannot connect to the X server,
which is itself and permits text logons only.

    1. How can I fix this so that it boots into the vue logon screen

    2. OR, from the text logon window, how can I 'enable' the X
       server and start vue from my unix shell.

many thx ... bruce


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An associate of mine has an HPUX (release 9) system with a limited
compiler. He needs to be able to run this system as a POP server.
Can anyone point me to an FTP site with HP-compiled binaries of
any of the POP servers out there? Failing that, could someone
wither send me the binary, or compile it for me if I send you the

Many thanks. Please e-mail replies.

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