Looking for ANSI color support

Looking for ANSI color support

Post by Pat Prin » Tue, 02 Aug 1994 00:32:54

        I recently switched from an ibm pc runnig OS/2 to an hp 712.
There are several apps that I run on an hp server (character mode) which
send ansi escape sequences for color to indicate required and protected
fields, etc.  Under OS/2, I telneted with a term type of ansi and the
colors worked fine.  Under HP-UX 9.03 from my 712 I've tried all sorts
of terminal options but only get monchrome.  

Should I be using xterm and modifying the .Xdefaults file?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


1. HP ANSI C vs HP aC++ - for ANSI C

I apologize if this is a faq, but I've looked everywhere
and I can't find a clear answer to what seems to be a simple question.

Is HP aC++ capable of compiling ANSI C code?  Or should it only be
used with (strictly) C++ ?  I've been trying to compile some very
portable, ANSI C code (the NCBI Toolkit) and aCC (which is the only HP
compiler we have right now) does not cooperate.

aCC (or aC++, rather!) doesn't seem to be able to compile Perl 5
either, which makes me suspicious.  Configure reports that aCC is
not ANSI C compliant - apparently it doesn't support the exit()
standard library call.  Is this a compiler issue, though, or just
something to with with headers and libraries?

gcc does work, but we're hoping that the native compiler will
optimize better.

Before trying too hard to figure out exactly what
is going wrong, I'd like to know if we just need to order the
HP C product.

Thanks very much,

Adrian Heilbut

Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute
Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto

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