Problems with upgrading HPUX 9 to 10.0 version B.10.01

Problems with upgrading HPUX 9 to 10.0 version B.10.01

Post by Sebastian Voge » Thu, 04 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hi all,

i tried to upgrade a Apollo 9000/710 workstation running HP Unix 9.05

After running snoop until no PROBLEMS and CAUTIONS reported,

i started /usr/sbin/upgrade

then i check "Match What Target Has" and hit the install button

several minutes ( more then 200) later the machine does nothing and the last log entry
is  "Running transition script OS-Core.7"

Does anybody know where the problem could be ? (Maybe somebody debugged this before i have to do


Maybe the snoop log could be useful:
snoop.log [OS-Core.7]

       * Running transition script OS-Core.7
NOTE:    The "boot LIF" contains boot-time utilities in Library
         Interchange Format, including isl(1m) and hpux(1m). See boot(1m)
         and lif(4) for details.
NOTE:    Using existing boot LIF confguration file (/stand/bootconf).
NOTE:    It has been determined that you have a whole disk root volume at
         device special file "/dev/dsk/c201d5s0 " and that it is alright
         to update the boot area. If the information regarding your root
         disk is incorrect, please re-run snoop interactively.
NOTE:    Checking for any edits made to the master file.

Sebastian Voges
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen, Rechnerbetriebsgruppe