Problem with mounting

Problem with mounting

Post by Thomas Stockhe » Fri, 01 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I have a problem trying to mount a directory
on a machine running 10.20. The remote HP still
has 9.01. It works fine from other hps with 9.0.
The error I get is:
mount: idg715-4 server not responding: RPC_PROG_NOT_REGISTERED

Telnet and rlogin to that machine don't work as well, and I cant
find out why.
Anybody has an idea ?

Thank you, Thomas


1. Problems with mount on my HP-UX machine.

Hi Fellows,

I needed some advise from the problem solvers out here. My HP-UX server
has lost some mounts and they are not coming back on, plus I'm having
trouble using files on the some of the mounts that are still there.

Here are the details of my machine: (uname -a output)
HP-UX bmerh304 B.10.20 A 9000/778 xxxxxxxxxxxxx two-user license

This machine has some directories which are mounted off a couple of SUN
machines. Some days back the operations in one of those directories
started failing with an error 'Filesystem is read only'. Another problem
I saw was that all the directories under '/home' had disappeared. I
figured that some of the mounts had been lost and others were having
some trouble. So I rebooted the machine, hoping that it will come up
with all the mounts. But that was not to be.

This time the directory where I was getting the 'read only' error, had
totally disappered. The mount was lost. This directory is mounted off a
SUN machine. When I tried the ' mount -a ' command, it failed for some
mounts with these errors:

# mount bmeraz6:/div1/hp10/opt/corp/tools /opt/corp/tools

# mount bmeraz35:/div1/softsol /opt/corp/softsol

# mount bmeraz22:/div1/projects/TNUI /opt/corp/projects/TNUI

# mount zcarazz0:/disk/fmdoc  /pls/fmdoc
Permission denied

# mount zmera300:/div1/projects/1t60_repos10 /opt/corp/1t60/repos10
mount: /opt/corp/1t60/repos10: No such file or directory

Now the servers: bmeraz6, bmeraz35 and bmeraz22 are SUN machines.

[What does RPC_PROG_NOT_REGISTERED signify?]

Another problem I noticed now was that on a tools directory (/tools/bin)
which is mounted off another SUN machine, I wasn't able to execute any
programs. I get the following errors:

/usr/bin/sh: ./gmake: Execute permission denied

I can read or write to this directory, at least that much still works.

I tried rebooting once more, but still the problems remain.

Although all these directories have an entry in the fstab file,
curiously enough there is no entry for /home. So I'm confused as to from
where did the user's directories under /home get mounted from. Is
/etc/auto_home involved in any way?

I am really at wit's end and this problem is becoming severe and has
started affecting my work and deliverables. I will be very grateful if
anyone out here could help me out somehow.


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