Help about help files/DOcs about EMC

Help about help files/DOcs about EMC

Post by buddy9.. » Sat, 15 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Dear Admins

I am wondering where can I read docs about EMC 3430 storage
config,Maintenance,Troubleshooting,newsgroup etc..when I searched Deja
and EMC website , no results.

Fellow Admin

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1. help Docs about EMC

Dear ALL

I am fairly new to EMC Storage devices..

I want to know where can I get documentation about EMC 3430 or in
general, particularly about maintenance,configure,troubleshooting ..etc.

I checked and in this and couldn't find it.also
when I open the Symmconsole , no help menu available.

Is there any user forum also available? This info will be very useful to

Thanks a Lot

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