?? Seems C++ on HPUX doesn't allow inlining of void functions

?? Seems C++ on HPUX doesn't allow inlining of void functions

Post by F M » Tue, 07 Jun 1994 15:39:04

Does anyone know of a way around this?  Please mail to


Fred Ma


?? Seems C++ on HPUX doesn't allow inlining of void functions

Post by Dennis Hand » Wed, 08 Jun 1994 19:03:21

Seems to work fine in the trivial case.
   struct A {
   int i;
   void foo(int j) { i=j;}
   main() { A x; x.foo(8); }
Are you getting in any messages?


?? Seems C++ on HPUX doesn't allow inlining of void functions

Post by F M » Sat, 11 Jun 1994 06:02:54

I guess I should elaborate.  I have a complex number class and a vector
class 'veched'.  I have chosen provide a 'times' function in addition
to overloading '*'.  The error message does not provide a reason for
not being able to compile, and it reads as follows:

CC: "bands.H", line 112: sorry, not implemented: cannot expand value-
returning inline veched&ptimes(veched&, const veched&, const complex&)
with call of non-value-returning inline times(veched&, const veched&,
const complex&) (2071)

Here, times() accepts a destination vector, a source vector, and a
complex number, puts the product into the destination vector.  
ptimes() does the same thing ( by invoking times() ) but also
returns the destination vector by reference.  This compiles and
runs properly when I use gcc (which has yet to be set up on our
HP system, but currently runs on a much slower SUN station).

I am hoping that this is a trivial fix; perhaps it will be unnecessary
to get gcc installed.  Thanks for any info.......

Fred Ma


1. identd doesn't seem to work.


We have several new J5600 workstations (running HP-UX 11.0), and the IDENT
service doesn't seem to run on any of them.  I keep getting an "Exit status 1"
instead of a message indicating the port numbers and user id that I was
accustomed to getting on one of our older systems with the 10.20 operating

The syslog says the service starts up when the system boots:

Apr 11 13:10:00 sys1 inetd[779]: ident/tcp: Added service, server /usr/lbin/id

But whenever the daemon is queried all I get is something like:

Apr 11 13:12:34 sys1 inetd[2679]: ident/tcp: Connection from sys2 (175.153.5
0.121) at Wed Apr 11 13:12:34 2001
Apr 11 13:12:34 sys1 syslog: main: listen
Apr 11 13:12:34 sys1 inetd[779]: ident/tcp: Exit status 1

I have already applied the Sendmail 8.9.3 HPUX patch to "sys1" (patch #
PHNE_18546), and the above is what I get.  On a different J5600, one on which I
had not yet applied the Sendmail patch, I see the date and size of
/usr/lbin/identd are different, but I get the same "Exit status 1" stuff.

Any help would be really appreciated.  I tried looking at the forums.itrc.hp.com
site but couldn't find anything directly applicatble there. I also tried
dejanews. No dice.

Thank you,

Gus Larsson

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