hpux drivers for new HP color printers

hpux drivers for new HP color printers

Post by Roger N Clar » Tue, 21 Sep 1999 04:00:00

HP has many new inkjet color printers.  When you buy these printers,
you get windows (and mac?) drivers, but not unix (HPUX).
I'm still running a paintjet XL300 because PCL/RTL was simple and
my group wrote programs to send images to it, and simple text
worked too, and it is postscript.

Now with things like the deskjet 895, photosmart, and the new 970
printers, they use Photo Ret II (and now III on the 970).  But HP is
keeping secret how to send data and images to the printer.
This would be OK with me if they had a Unix driver.  I would
like a printer that netscape can print to, or xv or simply send
a tif or gif to it.  We also have large format ink-jets such as the
designjet 650 (which we can send images to with PCL/RTL) and the
newer 3500 (which we can't send images to).

Is there any 3rd party software that anyone knows about that I can buy
(or public domain software) for unix?

Why has HP abandoned its unix users?  (One could argue they were
never there for them in the first place).  Do they think we don't need
to print anything?  They are going to drive me to a windows PC!

Roger Clark