Printing color postscript to HP DeskJet 2000C

Printing color postscript to HP DeskJet 2000C

Post by tim.greens.. » Thu, 17 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I am trying to print color postscript images to a jetDirect attached HP
2000C color deskjet printer... without success.  I am able to xwd|xpr
screen images to the printer, but only in black-n-white.  Am I missing

Any help is greatly appreciated,


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1. Printing postscript to DeskJet 1600CM on HPUX10.10 - postscript level 1 or 2 ?

I'm trying to print postscript graphics to a HP1600CM DeskJet connected
on the same LAN as my C100 workstation, running HPUX10.10. I've
installed the HP-JetAdmin for UNIX package, HPNP_SD.d0315.

Printing text works okay, however when I try and lp a postscript file
(an image saved from XV in postscript format), the printer gives me a
single page with the message "ERROR: configurationerror" "OFFENDING
COMMAND: setpagedevice" "STACK:".

I could not find the "setpagedevice" command in my .PS file at all.
After experimenting, I was able to get it to print properly by selecting
Postscript Level 1 instead of Postscript Level 2 (the default) in the
jetadmin software. The offending command appears to be coming from the
Jetadmin for UNIX software.

According to the manuals, the DeskJet1600CM supports Postscript level 2,
so why doesn't it work by default? Am I losing out on anything by using
postscript level 1 instead of 2?



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