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Can this drive be used a boot drive on an HP 715? Is there an associated
disktab entry? Thank you.

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1. Booting HP-UX9.05 onto a SEAGATE ST31230N Disk Drive

Subject line pretty much says it all.

I have a 712/60 I'm trying to load HP-UX9.05 onto ... and it has
a SEAGATE ST31230N disk. When loading the INSTALL CD (9.05,
May 1994, B2826-13668), it complains about not having a disktab
entry for this drive ... and I tried skipping past this step
or entering other stuff in (none of the later worked).

So I keep tromping along ... it looks like it is working,
asks for the CORE OS CD ... loads all that ... and then
if you catch it, it has an error in the KRNL-BLD section.

And then the machine is unbootable even though everything
else seems to have been finished routinely.

I know the FAQ talks about some disktab patches ... but how
do I install these when I'm trying to bring the machine up!  ;-)

Thanx for any help on this,

P.S. I am almost certain that (with another set of CD's) I
loaded some machines that were exactly the same. Is there
by chance a "newer" set of 9.05 CD's with an updated disktab
on the CD itself?

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