Problem with C++ on HPUX 10.01 !!

Problem with C++ on HPUX 10.01 !!

Post by Martin Eglof » Fri, 21 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I'm having troubles compiling C++ code on a HP 9000/770 running 10.01.
At the end there should be a shared lib being used by our application.
In the code I use Templates (Maps). The lib has to be compiled for
using exceptionhandling (option +eh). And there is the problem:

 When I compile and link without option "+eh" there is no problem and
 I can build the lib and use it just fine.

 When I compile and link WITH "+eh" (otherwise the same command line)
 the compiler gets in trouble: It complains about not being able
 to compile the instantiation source files in its created repository.

I allways removed the repository before any new building process
All this stuff worked fine on older HPUX 9.05!

Has ever anybody experianced the same problems with this compiler??
Any clue what can be wrong there??

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