C2490A Fast, Wide, Diff, Drives in a 800 E45 & UX 9.04

C2490A Fast, Wide, Diff, Drives in a 800 E45 & UX 9.04

Post by Gautam Sub » Sat, 19 Nov 1994 16:05:52

Have been told by the systems side of HP that the 2.1GB Wolverine C2490A
drive will not work in a 800 E45 server running HP-UX 9.04 because of
firmware differences between it and the C3354U drive.  

Is this true or have people successfuly used these drives?  

The exact config involves a HP C3550T mass storage subsystem that comes
with one of the C3554U drives and has space for a additional 6 drives.  We
would like to put the C2490A drives in that tower since there is a huge
cost differential between them and the C3554U drives BUT will they work?

If not, and firmware is the only difference, is there any way to change
the firmware on them to whatever is used on the C3554U?  

All and any help appreciated!

Cheers!  -  Gautam Subra


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Thanks in advance,

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