WTB: HP-UX 9.x for 300-400 Series.

WTB: HP-UX 9.x for 300-400 Series.

Post by Jerry Wrig » Sat, 25 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Need OS for 9.x HPUX. Have the license to use but don't have the
media. OS can be on any Media.

Thanks, Jerry

Jerry Wright
JLC inc.
206-854-9601 days
206-432-2150 home PST


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Im looking for a cheap(!) or perhaps free old Apollo Domain or a HP 9000
Series 300 or 400 System. If You have one standing around and collecting
dust, and You want to give it to a good new home, make me an offer (with
RAM, HD, etc). Because I live in Germany Id prefer a Box from here, but I
even would take one from Alaska ;-)


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