Help ! Paintjet XL300

Help ! Paintjet XL300

Post by Fernando Frances Lan » Sat, 03 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Q: HPUX Postscript Driver for PaintJet XL300

I would like to be able to print postscript documents in A3 format from my
HP735 running HPUX 9.01 to a XL300 HP PaintJet witch as 32Mbytes of RAM.
My problem is the lack of an apropriate device driver for the operating
If I send a postscript A3 document to my PJ XL300 it only prints the bounding
box for a A4 format.


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1. JetDirect EX/PaintJet XL300 dropping connections

I have attached a JetDirect EX (J2591A) to my PaintJet XL300. When printing
from my UNIX systems, the first document sent to the printer prints correctly.
However, second and subsequent documents will NOT print until power is cycled
on the EX box. Also, the EX box disappears from my printer list in JetAdmin
(Win95 version) after printing the first document.

From my log on my HP-UX system:

status: Job: eng_pj-12; User: mcl ]%%
status: making connection to eng_pj; source: unknown link type ]%%
status: connected to eng_pj; source: unknown link type ]%%
status: transmitting data ]%%
printer: connection reset by printer ]%%

These messages continue until I cycle power on the EX box.

The EX box is revision E.04.20. We just bought it.

Any clues?
Mark Landin
T. D. Williamson, Inc.
UNIX Sys. Admin
"If you take the smooth, you gotta take the rough" -- Rob Halford

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