Web browser for 300/400?

Web browser for 300/400?

Post by Dave Brenem » Thu, 22 May 1997 04:00:00

Can anybody tell me if there's a decent web browser that
will run on the HP 300/400 series machines?  I've only
got the bundled C compiler, so I'm looking for something
already compiled.  I'm currently using a version of
NCSA Mosaix so old it doesn't even have the turning
globe. :-)  Thanks to anyone who can help!

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Can anyone help me find an X-based web browser for 9000/400 (68k based)
please. The netscape for hp on ftp.netscape.com seems to be for PA-RISC.
I could compile source if I had it, but a ready compiled version would
be just great.

Would appreciate any replies by email please - my usenet access is a bit

- Thanks - Philip


(Malgre son nom, ce brave homme ne parle pas Francais)

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