Is it sensible to store a query in the Application scope?

Is it sensible to store a query in the Application scope?

Post by Troub » Sun, 09 Oct 2005 20:26:26

Hi everyone,

I have an application (CFMX6.1)
I have several cfselects that obtain their data from queries.

The last page in the series of BACK/NEXT forms is to display a summary
of what was entered previously, prior to submitting the CFC's data into
the database.

At the moment however, my summary has numeric values (the Primary Key
[ID]) and not the Humanised data.[description].

I realise that I CAN store the query results in the application scope,
but is it sensible to do this?

What is best practice for creating a perisitent query dataset?


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Why would I want to do this you ask ?

Well,  because I can !

Just kidding....

I was trying to understand how query of queries would respond if the source query no longer existed.  

I was planning on testing how this would work by doing the following:

1)  Write a query into the application scope
2)  Delete the query from the application scope using a separate page request
3)  Create a query of queries that uses the query that has now been deleted, just to see how it would respond.

I understand how it works now, but I still would like to know why there is no QUERYCLEAR function similar to the STRUCTCLEAR  or ARRAYCLEAR functions.


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