ORACLE Applications MULTI-ORG enhancement

ORACLE Applications MULTI-ORG enhancement

Post by Vasko Mato » Sun, 13 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Seeker of Enlightment...
loves to hear from you...
regarding any experiences you have had
implementing the ORACLE Applications Multi-Org

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1. Need Oracle Apps. Multi-Org FAQ.


I'm looking for a  Multi-Org FAQ.

I'm in the middle of a Oracle Apps. 10.7 implementation.

If you have any documents with answers to Frequently Asked Multi-Org questions,
please e-mail them to me.

I'm also looking for URLs which contain the above documents.

I'm also looking for part numbers of Oracle documents which answer
Frequently Asked Multi-Org questions.



Daniel B. Bikle/Independent Oracle Consultant

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