TableSpace Problem

TableSpace Problem

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I got an error of 1536 while updating a row with 13k size file? (don't
rememer exactly, it was on another machine, but it was related to
TableSpace, so, I checked TableSpace for the given user, System,
assigned 280MB, used 270MB something, I then increased it to 310MB,
and even drop a few unused user tables under System account, still got
the same error; and I even ran a query against dba_free_space object,
and System was listed, still receiving same error.  What's wrong?
What else could I try?  Thanks.



1. Tablespace problem

We are experiencing problems with ORACLE version 6.  The database is very
fragmented and attempts to defragment, such as running 'GEN_CREATES' have not
been successful.  Could anyone please explain to me what ORACLE version 6
really does when trying to create a table.  For example:  A database that has
11,145 blocks of free space (not continuous), and a user tries to create a
table of 6,000 blocks.  ORACLE displays an error 'ORA-01547: FAILED TO
ALLOCATE EXTENT OF SIZE 6,000 IN TABLESPACE 'tablespace_name''.  According to
the manuals, ORACLE will go out and get non-contiguous free space if one
continuous free space is not available.  That does not seem to be what is
happening.  We have exported, recreated the tables, and imported the data, but
it does not decrease the fragmentation.  It only eliminated the various
extents.  We tried to drop the tablespace but ran into other problems with
that process, and therefore we were not able to drop it (ORACLE is checking
into that problem).

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions that anyone might have
regarding this problem.

Thank you,

Shari Bishop
Database Analyst

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