PRO*COBOL and MicroFocus On DOS

PRO*COBOL and MicroFocus On DOS

Post by Ron Olshavs » Thu, 02 Feb 1995 03:24:49


  If anyone is using the above combo, could you drop me a line in E-Mail?
We are considering dumping Realia for MicroFocus, but no one in the
office is familiar with it...

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1. Problem: Pro*Cobol-Microfocus Cobol

We are having a problem running cobol programs using
MicroFocus Cobol version 3.0.5
Pro*Cobol  1.5.10
on a Sun Sparc running Solaris 1.1

The rtsora program always aborts, unable to find one of the MF Cobol
symbols.  This occurs with the Oracle sample cobol programs as well as
our own software.  We have been working with MF and Oracle for several
days, to no avail.  Any ideas or hints gratefully appreciated.
Thank you.

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